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Thinking outside the box: Limited memory in humans and birds

In our series “Thinking outside the box” you will find articles about the world of neuroscience, bioinformatics, memory research and other exciting research fields that are not directly related to the SFB 1280.

The RUB news portal reports:

Working memory is the brain’s ability to hold and process information in a retrievable state for short periods of time. It is essential for performing complex cognitive tasks, for example thinking, planning, following instructions or solving problems. A research team from the Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB) has succeeded in investigating this particular area of memory in birds in more detail and making comparisons with data storage in the mammalian brain. The scientists found that birds and monkeys – despite their different brain architecture – share the same central mechanisms and limitations of working memory.

The results of the study are described by a team from the RUB Neural Basis of Learning group led by Lukas Hahn and Prof. Dr. Jonas Rose in the journal eLife, published online December 3, 2021.

Original article of the RUB: >>

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