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SFB 1280 Events

Whether in the cinema, as a plenary discussion or science slam as SFB 1280 we want to bring science to the public and make it interesting for a broad audience. Here you can find all the events we have created for this purpose. 


An evening to forget (and to remember)

On October 7, 2023, we reached one of our biggest milestones in SFB Outreach and Science Communication: A full-length stage program in one of the most renowned and internationally known German theaters – with our science on the big stage.


Colloquium series 2022

SFB 1280 presents offers researchers and interested non-professionals the opportunity to exchange ideas internationally in exciting discussions and to highlight and discover current perspectives in the world of neuroscience.
We are looking forward to many interesting guests!

Berlin-Bochum Memory Alliance

Third Memory Symposium

The next Berlin-Bochum Memory Symposium is coming up. For the third time, on March 20 and 21, 2023, the symposium together with the International Graduate School of Neuroscience (“IGSN”), SFB 1315 (“Mechanisms and Disturbances in memory consolidation”) and FOR 2812 (“Constructing scenarios of the past”) will offer two days of exchange.

Interdisciplinary Cinema Evening

Taking Chances

Together with the Short Film Festival Oberhausen, the Leibniz Institute of Neurobiology Magdeburg and the Institute of Media Studies of the RUB, the SFB 1280 organizes  interdisciplinary cinema evenings. Look forward to exciting short films and stimulating impulses from film and neuroscientists.

Berlin-Bochum Memory Alliance

Second Memory Symposium

The Berlin-Bochum Memory Alliance is coming together for a second meeting. On March 10 and 11, 2022, the symposium together with SFB 874 (“Integration and Represantation of Sensory Processes”), SFB 1315 (“Mechanisms and Disturbances in memory consolidation”) and FOR 2812 (“Constructing scenarios of the past”) will offer two days of exchange.

SFB 1280 meets

Haus des Wissens

With the House of Knowledge, a great new place will be created in downtown Bochum in the next few years that couldn’t be more exciting. 11,000 square meters full of possibilities around the topic of knowledge, education, meeting and enjoyment. On Saturday, August 20 from 11am-5pm, the later actors will give first glimpses of what we can already look forward to! The SFB 1280 will also be on site with a mini brain lab and a podcast lounge to get Bochum’s citizens excited about neuroscience.