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"Can you forget?"

The podcast on learning, forgetting and remembering

Learning is hard. Forgetting is sometimes even harder. How do you get rid of what you’ve learned? That’s what Rainer Holl, author, moderator and poetry slammer, wants to know and understand. To this end, he interviews scientists from the Collaborative Research Center “Extinction Learning” about their research. Look forward to peering into the brain’s cards! Expect fascinating insights from the fields of Psychology, Biopsychology and Neuroscience, a look behind the scenes of everyday scientific life, and slam poetry.

“Can you forget? – The podcast on learning, forgetting and remembering” is published once a month in German language. The material is not relevant for exams.

Episode 2: Darling, it’s not what you think

“Learned stuff sticks better if you’ve gone for a run afterwards” – that’s Rainer Holl’s lyrical conclusion towards the end of the second episode of our podcast “Can you forget”. In episode two, the poetry slammer talks with Marcella Woud and Christian Merz about phenomena such as anxiety and stress and their effects on learning and memory processes. One is brand new in the SFB 1280 network and an awarded “Rising Star” at the Chair of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy in Therapy, the other has been here from the very beginning years ago and is a habilitated private lecturer in Cognitive Neuroscience.

In this episode you will learn…

…what distorted perceptions are
…how to unlearn them again
…and how stress can help

and much more.


Episode 1:

Extinction Learning – What is that supposed to be? This is the question Rainer Holl asks himself in the first episode of our podcast “Can you forget?” His guests? Ulrike Bingel, Professor of Clinical Neuroscience at the University Hospital in Essen, and Onur Güntürkün, Professor of Biopsychology at the Ruhr University in Bochum and spokesperson for the Collaborative Research Center “Extinction Learning”.

In this episode you will learn…
   …what two memory copies have to do with a curry sausage
  …how our thoughts, feelings and actions influence the experience of pain
  …what the placebo effect is and how it works
  …why it is fantastic to do research in SFB 1280

   and much more.

On every 17th of the month a new episode:

In March, Erhan Genc and Marie Christin Fellner will talk about the power of high-end MRI and EEG studies to better understand the brain’s interconnections. In April Franziska Labrenz and Harald Engler will reflect on the interactions of the immune-, nervous- and hormonal-systems and how that affects our learning.

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