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Student lab, class visits,
internships or projects

Because Neuroscience doesn't only take place in the brain

Behind research on the brain, the nervous system and psychology you can find a daily routine between high tech and custom-made apparatus, hot new ideas and tough lab routines, team work and individual potential. If you are a pupil and you want to get your own picture of what it means to be a neuroscientist, then you are always welcome to the SFB 1280.

A test run in a mock scanner; almost like a real MRI, only quieter

Classes are always welcome,

to get to know and try the variety of research methods neuroscience uses. During your project days you can get to know life at university as well as e.g. the psychological research field. Pupils can get an idea of work in science and an impression of what awaits them in university studies. The work units of the SFB 1280 would be happy to welcome pupils and teachers for a tour. Contact their coordinator, maybe also with some details which areas your class would be interested in. The research council will offer a wide repertoire with a program for every age range and on request unique offers for a visit.

The SFB 1280 will welcome you to do this anytime. You will be amazed by how much you can learn in just a few weeks. Simply contact our coordination office >> and they will connect you to some fitting contacts.

  • In the SFB 1280, there is always room for a one-day internship: not only at one of the very different workplaces of the scientists, but also in the laboratory, in accounting, in public relations, in programming… just contact the coordinator, which could be the best fit.
  • The repertoire for children and adolescents of the colleagues in the SFB 874 >> “Integration and Representation of Sensory Processes” which has been carefully developed in several years is thoroughly impressive. They comprise an exclusive internship plan with places in the most interesting labs at the Ruhr University. Additionally there are programs for visitor groups, writing and drawing contests and still more. The SFB 1280 and 874 are constantly working together on extending their program.
  • You can get to know the work in a research university clinic in the University Clinic Essen. The clinic of the university Duisburg-Essen offers extended internships in the different departments of their hospital >>.
  • With the motto of “Studieren Probieren” >> the RUB offers an allround program for senior high school students who want to get to know life on campus.
A day in science management

Are you a teacher looking for an extra to your lessons?
Here are some simple tips on how to make science contagious:

  • The Blue Brain Club and the little Mr. Tie >> of the Hertie Foundation. As the largest private promoter of brain research, the Hertie Foundation has developed two really great offers that can be used to mix up lessons from primary school to the 10th grade. Naturally free of charge and very well advised.
  • Every summer the faculties of the RUB invite you to get to know them in three turbulent days. On the summer campus >> there are lots of workshops and lectures to try out his skills and interests. The offers of neuroscience, such as the “Painting and Handicraft Course” or the exercise “How does stress affect the brain”, are always a real hit.
  • Looking for a subject for a thesis in biology or psychology? The SFB 1280 or SFB 874 >> consider with you which of the work projects is the most exciting environment for your ideas. By the way: In addition to literature research, the RUB library >> also helps concerning the question of how such a work should be approached. And particularly good works also have the chance to win the Dr. Hans Riegel-Fachpreis! >>
From the "Painting and Handicrafts Course" of the summer campus.

Experiment, understand and then best get stuck with it

In the SFB 1280 student laboratory course, neuroscience will become a living fascination.

“Cognitive neuroscience – or the riddling case of who knew too much!” is the title of the SFB 1280’s invitation to the Alfried Krupp School Laboratory at the Ruhr-Universität. How thinking looks like in the EEG and what the measurements show about a person’s thoughts can be experienced by school classes from secondary level II in exciting experiments. The class is available in German and English. Registration is open, courses should be possible again from mid-February. Corona updates are best read directly on the website of the school laboratory >> .

The Alfried Krupp-Schülerlaborinvites you to browse through its wide range of classes at any time. Already in 2001, Roland Fischer and Onur Güntürkün, spokesman of the SFB 1280, initiated the lab which keeps today more than 80 courses in the natural sciences and humanities. Perfect destination for a day of practice.