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Fortunately, we work together with media professionals. Together we explain what is strikingly fascinating about what we are exploring.

Selected media highlights of our Extinction Group

Audio, Video, Interactive – stay tuned and surf on

Animation Brain Catalogue
Anybody ever wondered what a person’s brain looks like, here you will find an amazing 3D journey into brain. And if you are wondering how similar a wolf’s brain, squirrel or rhinoceros looks, have a look at the braincatalogue

Video TED Talks
TED is an inspiring series of lectures in which remarkable experts present their topic

Essays – reading tips for the curious

Article Don’t forget… an Intro to us
An Editorial about our research idea in the journal of the German Research Foundation (DFG)

Article The Value of Aversion – about our Placebo-Project
Subproject A18 is investigating learning in the field of immune system and placebo effects. The magazine of the German Research Foundation (DFG) explains what else its placebo research has already shown

Article On the Narrative Self how A02 follows Freud traces in a MRI
Repression of an memory, doesn’t that unconsciously sound like psychoanalysis? Our subproject A02 explains, how modern neuropsychoanalysis exchanges the sofa for MRI technique

Press Releases SFB 1280 – our media review

Well said – by scientists and thinkers