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Taking part in the SFB 1280

is very simple. The SFB 1280 is delighted would you participate in one of the opportunities:
Laymen are invited to support our studies as a test subject and get to know the everyday work in neuroscience. The researchers are constantly looking for subjects and have therefore compiled some information specifically for those interested. >>

Pupils are always welcome to get to know the university and the research fields. Who knows, maybe you will like it here. Get to know your enthusiasm for neuroscience, offers for apprenticeships will come later. Here are some suggestions for your time with the SFB 1280 >>

Your studies were good, and now you are looking for a gripping bachelor’s or master’s thesis? The SFB 1280 may already have an idea, or may yourself. Their office would like to hear from you. Send them a message or visit them in their coordination office IB 6/113 if you are on campus.

You are curious about getting to know the SFB 1280 as a visiting scientist and incorporate your expertise? Your qualified presentation will always spark their interest. Send an e-mail to the office where your expertise lies and what question would lead you.