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We are Part of Neuroforum

1. May 2018

The SFB 1280 is part of Neuroforum. From now on, articles and publications of our members will also be published there.


Neuroforum provides information on topics, trends, progress, new methods, research priorities, funding opportunities, job offers and job advertisements. The main articles are printed in English and published online by de Gruyter. Members have free access. Further information is available in the member area.

The journal publishes invited review articles from all areas of neuroscience and is intended to serve the interests of wider audiences. These include neuroscientists of all disciplines, journalists, doctors, teachers and students. Neuroforum reports on new developments at all levels of the neurosciences – from molecules to neuronal networks, from synapses to bioethics.

Neuroforum is published both in print and online; the review articles are published in English only. In addition to these overview articles, both issues contain short reports on new methods and research developments, presentations of institutes, research groups and research programs, comments and controversies as well as reviews and news from the Neurowissenschaftliche Gesellschaft e.V. (NWG).

Neurowissenschaftliche Gesellschaft

Neuroforum was founded by the NWG and currently has just over 2,300 members. The NWG represents the interests of basic scientists who are concerned with the development, functioning, performance and disorders of the brain and nervous system. As a non-profit association, it works independently of economic interests. The NWG has set itself the goal of promoting the neurosciences in research and teaching and to represent them in all their sub-areas at home and abroad.

SFB 1280 and Neuroforum

The first article about our SFB 1280 was written by Onur Güntürkün and Dagmar Timmann-Braun and clarifies the question of what extinction learning means. In addition, it deals with the conceptual structure of the SFB 1280, the presentation of the subprojects, the structural framework conditions and the future planning of the SFB 1280.