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Taking your Kid to the Office? The Mobile Nursery makes it possible!

SFB 1280 offers Care Assistance to Parents

The mobile nursery is offered by the SFB 1280 and the Faculty of Psychology. It is aimed at employees and students who have to take their child to work at short notice in the case of childcare bottlenecks.

Flexible Areas of Application for the Mobile Nursery

The area of application is flexible, whether in the office or during a symposium where children can be brought along. Designed for children from baby to primary school age, there is something behind every door that makes children’s eyes shine: Puzzles, building blocks, books, cribs, bottle warmers and much more.

Loan in Room IB 6/123

Independent lending in room IB 6/123, further information under the telephone number 0234/32-24634. The workshop staff will be happy to help with transport and return to the desired room.