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ReproducibiliTEA “Across the Multiverse”

The first meeting of the SFB 1280 ReproducibiliTEAs in the new year 2024, this time with the topic of multiverse analyses. In short, a multiverse analysis evaluates how much results depend on arbitrary decisions in data processing.

The basis for the discussion is the following paper:
Steegen S., Tuerlinckx F., Gelman A., & Vanpaemel W.(2016). Increasing Transparency Through a MultiverseAnalysis. Perspectives on Psychological Science, 11,702-712.

Start is on Tuesday, 16.01.2024 at 14:00, either in IB/6-127 at RUB or online via zoom.

The entire programme is available here: >>

And further information on the Journal Club project page at the Center for Open Science: >>