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New Junior Research Group on the Human Brain

“Advanced Methods in Brain MR-Imaging” starts at UDE

A new junior research group dealing with the human brain is being set up at the Medical Faculty. One of the aims is to gain a better understanding of complex brain functions, such as emotional learning processes in permanent pain. Research is carried out on the basis of magnetic resonance tomographic data. The junior research group “Advanced Methods in Brain MR-Imaging”, headed by Tamas Spisek, will be established over a period of three years in the Collaborative Research Centre Extinction Learning.

The Predictive Neuroimaging Lab of the University Hospital Essen is an interdisciplinary junior research group led by Tamas Spisak. The lab will be embedded into the fresh-starting “Institute of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine” and focuses on predictive modelling in neuroimaging (functional and structural MRI) and conducts research and development aiding the smooth fusion of the latest advances of machine learning and artificial intelligence into brain imaging research.