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IGSN-BIOME-SFB 1280 Conference in Bochum

When 23 young scientists invite to the conference, what will the result be? An enthrallingly diverse event.

The first conference of the SFB 1280 took place on April 23 and 24, nine months after the start of our Sonderforschungsbereich. As usual from the times of the previous research group FOR 1581, the Young Scientists took over the organization. What they put together lasted well over 100 guests for two days in the seats of the event centre of the Ruhr-Uni. Together with the students of our associated BIOME Research Training Group, they had invited an unusual, on paper, wonderfully harmonious collection of speakers. Each of their guests was as interesting as scientific excellent; let’s hope that quite a few will follow you in science. Apart from that, music obviously still remains a field of work – after an evening stroll through the city together Marie Monfils and Tor Wager performed their core messages together as a rap for the audience (after which we were only more impressed by them!)

Our heartfelt thanks to all speakers, guests and especially our Graduate School IGSN, who hosted the event on our behalf.

Here you can find the program of the two days including abstracts >>