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Girl’s Day 2022 – Join Us!

On April 28, 2022, the international Girl’s Day will take place and we are happy to participate in the event as part of the Berlin-Bochum Memory Alliance. In the digital meeting from 09:15 to 14:00, female scientists of the SFB 1280, among others, will give insights into their career in neuroscience and their current work in the Collaborative Research Centers. The presentations will be given in English.

More info in the flyer: >>

Participants remarks after the event:

“Girl’s Day 2022 was a great experience, and held open many opportunities. Amazing scientists told us about their career, about problems, and memory research. We were also able to interact and ask questions, which I really liked. Furthermore the scientists all had a different message for us to take with us, which changed my perspective on neuroscience and made me more comfortable in my plans working in this field and doing brain research. Thank you so much for this delightful experience, Toya Kubina.