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SAVE THE DATE: IV. Berlin-Bochum Memory Alliance Meeting & SFB 1280, IGSN, BIOME Symposium

We are pleased to welcome our Berlin colleagues from the CRC 1315 “Mechanisms and Disturbances in Memory Consolidation: From Synapses to Systems” to Bochum on April 22, 2024 for the fourth Berlin-Bochum Memory Alliance Meeting. Short presentations and discussions about the work of the CRC 1280 are planned on site, as well as direct impressions from practice through laboratory visits. In the spirit of inter-university exchange, the aim is to find new (collaborative) ideas and to evaluate our own research from a different perspective through the eyes of our colleagues. We are also particularly pleased to welcome Michael Hasselmo from Boston University as our guest of honor.

Immediately afterwards, the SFB 1280 and the graduate schools IGSN (International Graduate School of Neuroscience at RUB) and BIOME (Graduate School of Biomedical Science at UDE) will come together for a two-day symposium. Two symposium rounds and brainstorm sessions are planned for each day on the topics of “Neural aspects of associative learning: Mechanisms and Methods”, “Comparative hippocampal memory formation”, “Depression, Anxiety and Stress: Illuminating cognitive control” and “Modeling neural dynamics”.

We look forward to our guests and exciting discussions.

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