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Project INF at the first “Conference on Research Data Infrastructure” (CoRDI)

At the conference from September 12 to 14 in Karlsruhe, Marlene Pacharra (INF) and Tobias Otto (INF), together with other authors, will present their poster on “Making Data Management feel easy: Integration of a Hyrax Data Repository into the Research Process”. The event is organized by the association “National Research Data Infrastructure” (NFDI) and deals with everything related to research data.

Description of the event by the NFDI:

Research data form the basis for knowledge and innovation throughout all scientific disciplines. They play a fundamental role in the progress of our society. The key to using these data treasures is an effective infrastructure. With the first edition of the Conference on Research Data Infrastructure from 12 to 14 September 2023, the Association German National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI) is initiating a conference that will focus on establishing interdisciplinary research data management (RDM). Under the theme Connecting Communities, national and international stakeholders from all research fields as well as from the infrastructure sector are invited to present their contributions to an excellent RDM of the future and to exchange information about the latest developments. NFDI is organizing the conference in cooperation with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). NFDI contributors as well as all other RDM interested stakeholders will have the opportunity to meet at the KIT South Campus. Over the course of three days, topics related to RDM and the joint development of an effective research data infrastructure for Germany and beyond will be examined from a wide variety of perspectives. Scientific presentations, a panel discussion, exciting keynotes, a poster session and networking activities are planned. The Conference on Research Data Infrastructure stands for more comprehensive knowledge through better use of research data, for innovations and the resulting social benefits.

More info is available on the official event website >>.

Article of the RUB about CoRDI 2023 (german) >>.