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Opening episode of season 3 online! “Bots & Brains”

We kick off the 3rd season of our podcast “Kannste Vergessen?” with an episode on a topic that has been shaking up society around the world for the past few months: Artificial Intelligence. Host Rainer Holl asks AI researchers Nicolas Diekmann and Michael Kamp about how they use machine learning in their research, what puzzles they face, what brains and bots have in common, and what makes them different. It is about whether we can manage to understand AI, how trustworthy AI could help to generate reliable data and diagnostically safe statements in the clinical and neuroscientific field. The three panelists talk about the opportunities, problems and risks of using AI and venture a cautious look at what we can still expect scientifically and socially in the future – especially against the backdrop of learning: a new superpower of machines that makes it increasingly difficult to distinguish the human from the machine-made on the web.
This episode is a technical deep dive – gray matter, pay attention! 🙂

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