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New episode online! Season finale: “Narrating People”

We’re coming to the end of the second season of our SFB 1280 podcast, “Kannste Vergessen?” – this time with a multidisciplinary episode that takes its time: In the season finale, titled “Narrating People – Of Narrative Medicine, Neuroscience and an Unusual Cooperations”, our host Rainer Holl talks with Americanists Mita Banerjee and Amina Touzos from the Obama Institute at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz about Narrative Medicine.
This approach is currently being applied in practice in the SFB 1280 Extinction Learning in the study “Narrating People” in cooperation between the Obama-Institue and the University of Duisburg-Essen. So it’s time to get into the conversation beyond the disciplinary boundaries for once and listen to what applied narrative research can do.

The new episode will be released on Friday, May 26 at 8am. The SFB 1280 hopes you enjoy listening.

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