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The magic of extinction learning. A detailed insight into the work of the SFB 1280.

The editorials of the SFB 1280 – Learn what we are working on

Article – “Don’t forget…” (Download/German)

Our editorial from 2014 about extinction learning in “forschung – Das Magazin der Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaft”.

Article – “SFB 1280 – Extinction learning” (German)

On the occasion of the start of the Collaborative Research Centre, the spokesperson duo reports in Neuroforum, the magazine of the Neuroscience Society

Article “Extinction learning from a mechanistic and systems perspective”.

Technical description of our research perspective on extinction learning

Audio, Video, Interactive – Stay tuned and keep learning

Animation Human 3D Brain Model

If you’ve ever wondered what a human brain looks like, you’ll find an amazing 3D journey on dasgehirn.info

Animation Brain Catalogue

And for those who wonder how similar the brain of a wolf, squirrel or rhinoceros looks, we recommend the braincatalogue

Video How do brain scans work?

EEG, fMRI and PET – you might have already heard these terms, but how do those techniques work? In this short TED-ED Episode you will find the answers.

Video Explained: Optogenetics

In the SFB 1280 we work with Optogenetics, which makes it possible to control specific neurons with light! Find out how it’s done in this short lecture from MIT. 

Video Pigeon Genius

At the SFB 1280 we hold our pigeons dear to our heart. Get a deeper insight into their remarkable skills in this short National Geographic Documentary.

Webpage What is a Collaborative Research Center?

The SFB 1280 is one of many DFG funded collaborative research centres in Germany. But what makes a SFB/CRC so special? Find out at the official Website of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft. 

SFB 1280 Vidcasts- The subprojects in brief

In the short vidcasts, the sub-projects describe their work, explain what they are researching and give an insight into how the knowledge gained can help people in the future. Each project brings its own perspective and approach to the topic of extinction learning and tries to bring forth new discoveries using a variety of methods.

All vidcasts can be found here >> and on our YouTube channel >>.

Our podcast – listen and think

Learning is hard. Forgetting is sometimes even harder. How do you get rid of what you have learned?

That’s what Rainer Holl, author, presenter and poetry slammer, wants to know and understand. To find out, he interviews scientists from the Collaborative Research Centre “Extinction Learning” about their research. Look forward to peering into the brain’s cards! Fascinating insights from the fields of psychology, biopsychology and neuroscience, a look behind the scenes of everyday scientific life and slam poetry await you.

Haven’t heard enough? Find the SFB 874 Podcast here

Kid’s Corner – Arts, Crafts and Knowledge 

Well Said – From Researchers and Thinkers