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Kannste Vergessen? – New podcast episode online! “Brain research and drinking tea”

About Open Science, the ReproducibiliTEA Bochum and transparency in science

Since the 1990s, a term has been doing the rounds in science that has become an integral part of almost every discipline: open science or “public science”.
In the research culture, this means that all steps of scientific work are communicated in a transparent, accessible, verifiable and comprehensible manner and not just the results. Open science aims to ensure that society does not have to “simply believe” research results, but that they are authenticated by the public and peers through constant scrutiny and can be actively monitored.

Even if the concept is older, open science is not a real standard everywhere. The CRC 1280 Extinction Learning has set itself rules according to which the scientists here work openly. And our guests Lianne Wolsink and Robert Reichert have founded a journal club in which scientists meet continuously from the very beginning of their careers to critically reflect on research practices, learn from each other, avoid mistakes and develop techniques that make their science watertight: This is the ReproducibiliTEA at Ruhr-Universität Bochum, part of an international grassroots movement that aims to bring open science and knowledge about the improved reproducibility of research results to the world.
And that is what is needed today: joint critical work on transparency strategies for increasingly complex science. After all, the greatest possible traceability is ultimately the only real option for countering phenomena such as scientific scepticism.
So it’s time for a conversation about researching research!

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