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Kannste Vergessen – New podcast episode online!”The Dark Side of Memory”

Research therapy at a neuropsychological university outpatient clinic

We start our podcast year with an episode on a long-awaited topic:
Cognitive disorders, dementia-related changes and current therapeutic and educational approaches. Poetry slammer and presenter Rainer Holl talks to Patrizia Thoma and Boris Suchan. Both are professors at RUB and both academic neuropsychologists and psychological psychotherapists. And they have very special insights to contribute to the topic of this episode: Patrizia Thoma and Boris Suchan have founded a special institution in Bochum – the Neuropsychological Therapy Center (NTC). The NTC is an institution that has set itself the goal of combining therapy, research, teaching and further training for the next generation of therapists in one place: In the neuropsychological university outpatient clinic of the Ruhr University Bochum. The NTC is the largest and one of the first outpatient clinics of its kind in Germany.
Patrizia Thoma and Boris Suchan talk to us about the people who come to the NTC for therapy, about the variety of dementia-related illnesses, about education, prevention and treatment of cognitive disorders, about the work at the NTC, the training to become neuropsychological therapists and about the idea behind a university outpatient clinic – and, and, and. As we said, the two of them have very special insights to contribute.

We were all the more pleased to be able to talk to them and hope you enjoy listening to the new episode.

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