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WissensNacht Ruhr 2018

At the third WissensNacht Ruhr on September 28, 2018, scientists will offer interesting lectures and discussions, hands-on activities, presentations, excursions, guided tours, and many other program items. A total of 16,000 visitors enjoy the varied programme.

The SFB 1280 is represented at WissensNacht Ruhr

With a “crazy brainlab”, the SFB 1280 also takes part in this year’s WissensNacht Ruhr at Blue Square. During the WissensNacht, the Metropole Ruhr becomes a fascinating and extraordinary centre of science. On this evening, numerous scientists from various institutes will present their research to touch and participate in. The target groups especially are families with children and young people.

The SFB 1280 program at WissensNacht Ruhr

Determination of the pain threshold within the framework of taster experiments (heat, cold, electrical stimuli)

In order to determine the individual pain threshold for heat, the test persons are given several slowly increasing temperatures on the forearm. At the touch of a button, they are asked to indicate the moment at which they feel the stimulation painful for the first time. When the button is pressed, the temperature drops again immediately. To determine the individual pain threshold for electric stimulation, stimuli with increasing intensity are administered to the test persons on the back of the hand. They should indicate again when they feel the stimulation to be painful for the first time.

During the experiment, the test persons also receive a few moderate heat pain stimuli on the forearm of approx. 10 seconds duration. The stimulation can be reduced or stopped at any time at the request of the test persons. No undesired effects are known for the use of the stimulation probe (thermode), the electrostimulator and the cold well. The pain stimuli are also approved for clinical use on patients.