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INF - Central Research Data Management

Tobias Otto, Nina Winter, Marlene Pacharra

Since the beginning of the first funding period, two focus groups (F01, F02) have been embedded in the SFB 1280. In these scientific projects research data from all other subprojects is collected, processed and evaluated. To foster data handling in all subprojects according to the FAIR principles, all subprojects created a data management plan via an online survey consisting of 64 questions and covering all aspects of the data life cycle. Furthermore, awareness measures for the dissemination of sustainable RDM were carried out, and Lab-Data-Cleaning-Days were held regularly to sensitize researchers about how to manage their research data.

As a central measure to foster sustainable RDM SFB 1280 agreed on a central metadata scheme and developed this metadata scheme in accordance with global standards such as Dublin Core and DataCite. As a central storage platform for the CRC the central file sharing service of the RUB was chosen, for which a fine-granular rights and role concept was implemented that allows individual control over users and data.

Experiments with imaging techniques store their data using the brain imaging data structure (BIDS) to ensure easy analysis of the data even across subprojects. The remaining subprojects store their research data in a predefined folder structure, which clearly separates individual projects and the data collected within a project. Metadata is stored in a machine- and human-readable file format and added in a project-specific or even more granular level. The general metadata schema of the SFB 1280 integrates the specific research contexts of all SFB sub-groups and also enables a more finely structured, individual extension. Note, that the SFB 1280 metadata scheme shares basic design patterns with the OCFL specification, allowing for a possible adoption of the latter in the future.

Based on the described metadata scheme, an application (MetaApp) was developed and has been rolled out within the SFB 1280 to aid the current practical needs of the researchers and guide the easy ingest of mandatory and optional metadata. The application maps the metadata entries between different standards, i.e. the SFB 1280 common metadata standard, DublinCore and DataCite. The overall workload for scientists is further reduced by the application, as the application ensures clear and accurate metadata entries with checks and controlled vocabularies.

With the start of the second funding period in 2021, all RDM activities are continued and expanded by the new INF project. INF centrally coordinates all RDM activities in the SFB 1280, gives hands-on support to researchers to improve their daily RDM routines and works on advancing SFB 1280 strategy using the latest developments in RDM.

All RDM activities of the SFB 1280 are carried out in close collaboration with the central RDM support unit of the RUB >> and are interlinked with national RDM communities in the field of neuroscience. The SFB 1280 is an active participant in the NFDI-Neuro consortium >> of the National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI) proposed by the German Council for Information Infrastructures.

Tobias Otto

Projektleiter INF

Ruhr-Universität Bochum

Nina Winter

Projektleiterin INF

Ruhr-Universität Bochum

Marlene Pacharra

Data Steward INF

Ruhr-Universität Bochum

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