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Thinking outside the box: Doing sports instead of watching social media

In our series “Thinking outside the box” you will find articles about the world of neuroscience, bioinformatics, memory research and other exciting research fields that are not directly related to the SFB 1280.

The RUB news portal reports:

Becoming happier and healthier is surprisingly easy and costs nothing.

Spending 30 minutes less on social channels every day and exercising instead does a lot for your mental health. This is shown by a study conducted by the team from the RUB Research and Treatment Center for Mental Health led by private lecturer Dr. Julia Brailovskaia. Subjects who adhered to it for two weeks felt happier, more satisfied, less stressed by the Covid 19 pandemic and less depressed than a control group. These effects lasted until the end of the study after six months. The researchers report in the journal Public Health, September 2, 2022.

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