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New episode Kannste Vergessen? is online! “Gray Matter and Green Ideas”

The latest episode of Kannste Vergessen? – recorded on the hottest day of 2023 in Germany so far – takes a look at what the climate crisis means for our brains, what the relationship is between environmental factors and the brain, what psychology, neuroscience and activist science can contribute to dealing with the climate-related challenges in the first place, and what benefits extinction can have in the face of these crises.
To this end, Rainer Holl will talk with the two neuroscientists Dorothea Metzen and Sebastian Ocklenburg about climate change and its effects on living beings from a neuroscientific perspective. The two have written a book on the subject, which was published in the summer of 2023: Titled “Die Psychologie und Neurowissenschaften der Klimakrise. Wie unser Gehirn auf Klimaveränderungen reagiert” (Translated: “The Psychology and Neuroscience of the Climate Crisis. How Our Brains Respond to Climate Change” ) the two make a concise and effective review from the perspective of neuroclimate science.

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