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Kannste Vergessen? – New podcast episode online! “A small chip for a human …”

Our guests this time are Christian Klaes and Nikolai Axmacher, who are both researching from different directions into how we can build and use brain-technology connections, for example in the fields of neuroprosthetics and brain-computer interfaces. At the beginning of 2024, the media attention on these topics was very high for a short time. This was because the US company Neuralink presented its patient Noland Arbaugh, who is paralyzed and can now control a computer using his thoughts following the implantation of an innovative brain chip, in a livestream. Away from the media spotlight, neuroprosthetics and research into neurotechnologies is already well advanced. And of course, a chip in the brain that is connected to our thoughts and cognitive functions also means a whole host of unanswered questions for learning, forgetting and remembering, which are precisely the topics of our podcast. So this episode is about what we could use these technologies for, what the risks and opportunities, concerns and technical possibilities are.
We learn that the path from “science fiction” to “science” is often shorter than you might think. We hope you enjoy listening to this episode.

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