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What the Brains of People with Excellent General Knowledge look like (A03)

What is the capital city of Tajikistan? When did Einstein create his famous theory of relativity? And when did Goethe die? Some people seem to have an answer to every general knowledge question. Why? The Press Department of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum reports on their newsportal.

The brains of people with excellent general knowledge are particularly efficiently wired. “Although we can precisely measure the general knowledge of people and this wealth of knowledge is very important for an individual’s journey through life, we currently know little about the links between general knowledge and the characteristics of the brain,” says Erhan Genç (Project Leader A03).

The researchers examined the brains of 324 women and men with a special form of magnetic resonance imaging called diffusion tensor imaging. The result: People with a very efficient fibre network had more general knowledge than those with less efficient structural networking.


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