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SFB 1280: Top 2% authors in Elsevier Scopus

Back in 2016, Ioannidis et al. presented a bibliometric score (composite score) consisting of six indicators to assess the scientific impact of researchers. This year, the results for 2019 were published and among the top 2% of the most cited authors are also some SFB 1280 researchers, including Onur Güntürkün, Sebastian Ocklenburg, Robert Kumsta and Christian Merz. In total, the Faculty of Psychology at the RUB represents 8.3% of the top 2% most cited authors – an achievement to be proud of! We congratulate the researchers on their scientific success and look forward to the coming years with further exciting work!

If you’re interested in the original data set, you can find it under: >>

The original papers for the rankings can be found under: >> & >>