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RDN presents: Cinema evening “TICS”

The Research Department of Neuroscience (RDN), together with SFB 1280, ReThink and FOR 2698, presents another movie night at Endstation.Kino (Bahnhof Langendreer), this time with the film “TICS” by Thomas Ostwald on July 01, 2022. From the RDN press release:

A doctor invites his patients to join him on a journey through Lapland. An adventure? A crazy idea? Possibly a bit of both. The true story can be seen as “TICS – With Tourette’s to Lapland” as an insightful documentary. We are particularly pleased to bring the premiere series of the movie to Bochum, and even more: to organize a special cinema evening together with the director Thomas Oswald, the two scientific advisors of the film Prof. Dr. Alexander Münchau and Prof. Dr. Christian Beste as well as the Bochum hosts Prof. Dr. Onur Güntürkün and Prof. Dr. Carsten Saft.