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New episode online! Season 2, Episode 9: Chips & Chunks

After an extensive winter break, we are back with a new episode of our podcast “Kannste Vergessen?” in the final spurt of the 2nd season. The episode appears on 21.4. punctually at 8 o’clock in the morning and is thus a pleasant accompaniment, for example, during a leisurely weekend breakfast. In the new episode, we get to the bottom of our basic research ourselves, so to speak: host Rainer Holl asks the two scientists Jonas Rose and Roland Pusch about this, how research is conducted in SFB 1280 and what methods neuroscience has at its disposal. It’s about intelligence, brain evolution and how to reconcile a research question with the appropriate methods, what we are researching with these methods today and what we still want to research – and incidentally, what it’s like when the majority of colleagues are birds – i.e. “dinos that made it”, right among us.

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