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Giorgi Batsikadze (A05): Presentation at minisymposium at Neuroscience 2022

Congratulations! At the minisymposium with the topic “Cerebellar contribution to fear learning”, Giorgi Batsikadze (A05) will hold a presentation on his work in the Collaborative Research Center 1280 at this year’s meeting of the Society for Neuroscience (SfN) in San Diego entitled Neurosience 2022.

An Insight into the abstract of the symposium:

“In recent years, the cerebellum has been increasingly implicated in both cognition and clinical conditions. These findings challenge traditional views of the cerebellum as a purely motor structure. By reviewing recent advances in mapping cerebellar function in cognition – including social, language, and emotion processing – and discussing its role beyond the motor domain, this session will outline an emerging overarching perspective on cerebellar contributions to cognition.”

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