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Colloquium – SFB 1280 presents: Michelle Craske – New date

The next event in our SFB 1280 presents colloquium series is coming up, this time with our guest Michelle Craske from the University of Californa. To begin, she will provide insight into her current research on dysregulation of fear acquisition, fear generalization, and fear textinization as risk factors for anxiety disorders. The focus will be on recent findings on anhedonia in the context of fear conditioning, with perspective on how anhedonia affects exposure therapy. In addition, possible new therapy models that can counteract the negative influence of anhedonia during therapy will be discussed.

Find out more here: >> or simply scan the QR-Code

Much to our regret, we have to postpone our SFB 1280 Colloquium with Michelle Craske.
The new date will take place on January 16, 2023 at 6pm on Zoom.