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“summa cum laude” for Thomas Ernst (A05)

The news portal of the Erwin L. Hahn Institute reports:

This September, Dr. Thomas M. Ernst (A05) successfully defended his PhD thesis titled “On the importance of the cerebellum for emotional control using the example of acquisition and extinction of conditioned fear responses”.

In his dissertation Dr. Ernst addressed the question of the extent to which the cerebellum is involved in the conditioning of fear responses. Dr. Ernst ist part of Prof. Dr. Timmann-Braun’s research group (A05, F02).


In episode 6 of our podcast “Wo dat Herz schneller schlägt” (german), Thomas Ernst (A05) together with Tobias Otto gives an insight into his work at the SFB 1280 and how his expertise as a doctor of neurology and graduate physicist is put to use on a daily basis.

Original news from the ELH (September 2021): >>

Link to the Podcast: >>